Sunday, January 23, 2011

Think Fast

Boy this kid was really on his toes to avoid this wreck. How many of us would be able to escape a mess like this. The planets lined up for him on this one, lucky the lanes were open for him to cross. Looks like a scene out of a movie.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cold Hands?

Weather permitting I do a bit of winter riding. As long as there is no snow to melt off and create nice little areas of black ice to happen upon. Utilizing a union suit, polar fleece gloves, a Carhartt Arctic Jacket,a balaclava and some warm ass socks I stay reasonably warm. The weak link in this has always been the gloves. While my gloves keep my hands warm for a bit, after about a half hour forty five minutes, the coldness starts it's frosty creep to my digits.
I asked a friend of mine whom is a dedicated bicyclist that rides year round in any kind of weather, what do you use to keep your hands warm. He said until recently, he used the same polar fleece gloves I did. This past October, he picked up a Pugsley all terrain bike to make his winter riding even more enjoyable. While not reaching the speeds of a motorcycle, the year round cyclist faces the same challenges staying warm that we do. He said he just bought a pair of Bar Mitts to keep his his digits toasty. He can't believe how well they work and should provide the same amount of protection to the elements they have afforded to him.
I find this to be very good news indeed. I have been contemplating fitting some sort of electric grips to the FJ. But as I can't seem to emphasize enough, I am a tight wad of epic proportions and will look to save a buck where ever I can. Plus with Bar Mitts, I don't have to worry about a short or other electrical gremlin, melting down my grips or rendering them useless at the very moment I need them most. With prices ranging from $14.99 to just over $56.00 there is a model that should fit into every ones budget. I just ordered a set and am waiting in sweaty anticipation for their arrival at my door.

Till Next Time..............
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