Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting Sorted

Curly almost has his bobber sorted out. All he has left before he tears it down for paint and powder coating is the battery box,rear fender placement, pseudo oilbag, and the electrical.
He has it almost to the point that you would be able to ride it. He had his rotors resurfaced and drilled by this guy and I don't think you could get a better job done for the money. I will be sending my rotors there. The bike shaping up great, and will be a real head turner when he is finished. After he is done sorting out the bike, He will be sending his motor to Thomas Racing Service for the big bore treatment. This place basically doubles the horsepower of the stock XS motor.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Grandpa and his '27 Harley

My Grandpa and his 1927 Harley. In this picture he was seventeen and just graduated high school. The ‘27 Harley was his graduation present. Shortly after this picture was taken, He and his buddy rode their matching Harley’s out to California from Michigan. This must have been quite an adventure as there was barely a paved road at this time. He is responsible for my interest in motorcycles, cars and the out doors. Although he passed away in May of 1975, I still think of him on a daily basis. He left quite an impression on me and was a big part in shaping me as I headed for adulthood.
My Dad had and still does not have any love for bikes, cars, hunting or fishing. That’s ok, he was into working, his hobby always working. He has been in the real-estate business since the age of eighteen (he just turned eighty). We all have different things that set our boats a sail. Although he never liked my motorcycle addiction, he at least understood it and did not discourage it. We all need a pursuit to pour ourselves into, My dad loves real estate, all aspects of it. It is a very time consuming endeavor, many times growing up, I would already have hit the sack by the time he returned from the day’s transactions. He pretty much still has this schedule although scaled back some.What his bike looked like with the sidecar.
So my Grandpa was somewhat of a surrogate, taking me fishing, hunting keeping my dirt bike up at his place in St. Helen. So when school was out I pretty much was in St. Helen exploring the State land that surrounded the area. I had been looking for this photo for quite a while, and it surfaced at my Aunt’s house in Chicago. There is another one out there with My Grandpa and his friend with their bikes decked out with sidecars full of their gear just before their epic journey. I suspect my Uncle in California is in possession of that photo, and is currently trying to scare it up. I hope he does, ‘cause it would make a fine book end for an old story that was passed on to me by someone I really respected.
I do have one very cool memento from this long ago trip. These are the very goggles my Grandpa wore on the California trip. One I will keep until it is time to pass on to my boy.
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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