Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Billy Bobber

Is starting to look like a real motorcycle again. Slug finished the powder coating on the front end pieces and his new ape hangers finally were delivered. So Big toe dropped by to check out the progress (and to take a break on the new drag bike he's building)and liked what he saw. So much so, he and Curly are kicking around the idea of whipping a XS650 bobber together. Here are a few pics from last nights festivities. Sorry about the picture quality, we seem to only get time to work on the bike after dark and Curly's garage is not lit that well. Just the opener light some under cabinet lights and an old minge light is all we have to see with. I'll get some better pics up after the bike is finished.

Plus Curly and the Slug are doing the majority of the heavy lifting on this bike. (there is not a whole lot of paint work to be done) I'm Just hanging around and twisting a wrench here and there. Curly is handling the fabrication, Slug is a much more talented wrench than I. I just get to get my hands dirty here and there and learn a few things along the way,

Till Next Time..........

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting There

Most of the parts are here the seat needs exchanging. the seat Slug ordered just does not look good on the bike. He wanted to put the plate behind the set and above the fender instead of mounting it off the swing arm like most do. He thought this seat would fill the bill, but after putting it on the bike, the unanimous decision was that it was just too damn thick. The ape hangers should arrive Monday the 20th. The forks,triple trees, headlight bucket have all been finished and the front end should be ready to reassemble tomorrow as long as the hangers show up on time. There are various odds and ends that need attending to, that are coming along just fine.Curly finished fabricating the fender mount and tail light surround, so Slug took the shooting match home to finish mounting the tail light and the body work to flush mount it. So things are rolling along without too many hitches. So hopefully, we will begin putting the Billy Bobber back together tomorrow.

Till Next Time..............

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not Much Left of Her

We have the sportster stripped down about as far as we can get her. It's time to start going the other way. The slug has parts on order,and we are cleaning up the rough edges. The paint is being done a by a friend of the Slug who has access to a downdraft paint booth and owes him a favor. I would not be able to paint his tins until we get a little warmer temps, so he will have his bike done that much faster. That frees up my time to help the boys with the other odds and ends. Not that they need my help.

Till Next Time.........

Thursday, April 9, 2009

OK Norton, When I Tell You, Staaart Choppin'

We got a good start on The Slugs bobber last night. Cut down the rear fender, chopped the fender struts, passenger peg mounts and removed all the bits and pieces he wants to replace. So it's Ebay and craigslist for most of the chaff, and now he can start with the ordering of replacement pieces. We are pulling the front end off tonight so we can prep and paint the fork tubes, triple trees and a few other odds and ends. Here are a few pictures of what we have accomplished so far. and a couple more of the look we are shooting for when we are finished.

It should look pretty damn good when it's done, and Yes Lucky, it will be finished in Henry Fords favorite color.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Slugs' Sporty Project

My buddy recently picked up a '01 1200 Sportster and wants to give it a good chopping. He kinda wants to go the bobber route with it, so Curly, the Slug and myself are going to see what we can come up with. We have her stripped down to her bloomers, and are about set to start modifying fenders and mounting brackets. We are still bouncing paint ideas around, the slug wants the harley factory colors, he's just not sure how he wants them arranged. I like the idea of painting her black with an orange and white racing stripe with white bar and shields on the sides. It's his bike so the final decision is his. Unless I take his tins while his back is turned and paint them my way anyhow. After all he is getting a free paint job. After we are done we are going to finally get the XT done, I know it's hard to believe, but it's next. Stay tuned.

Till Next Time.....................
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