Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kenny Roberts Sr. Helmet

I have always wanted a Kenny Roberts replica helmet. I just love the design, simple, but gets the point across. AGV does not make them any more and I can't find one anywhere. So I did the next best thing, I whipped one up myself. Had a plain black helmet lying around collecting dust. Had myself a moment of nostalgia, next thing you know, my favorite helmet design is now protecting my skull. I knew I took up painting for some reason or other.

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Monday, October 25, 2010


My Nephew picked up a Casio High-Speed Exilim EX-FC100 the other day. We thought what better way to break it in than take it skeet shooting with us. The quality on 1000fps leaves something to be desired, but is acceptable @420 and 360. I guess we can't expect the same quality as they get on Mythbusters, this camera cost about ten thousand less than ones they use. It was fun none the less and made a somewhat interesting video. We put down two cases of birds and Dan pulled this footage from the days festivities. I hammered the target in my turn at the plate, but the bird is pretty far from the camera when it turns to dust and is hard to see. This was Gymi Jr's first time wielding a shotgun. It took him awhile to get his sea legs, but he finally settled down and started breaking targets. Although my Nephew, Son and Brother are cheaters and started all their passes with their guns in the shooting position. I seemed to be the only shooter who started with my gun in the rest position. Not that it mattered, I still put a womping on the younguns. I guess there is no substitute for experience.I love shooting and don't get to do it nearly enough. Besides, I can't just sit around and let Red and Unk have all the fun

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some Moped and Fixed Gear Action

Although I missed the mountain and road bikes as well as the scooter races, I did get to see the fixed gear,pit bike and moped races. All the proceeds from this event went towards the Detroit parks and rec department and to the maintenance of the Velodrome. I have to say again, this event was a blast, once word gets out it will only get better. Here are a few shots I managed to snap off.

There was one female competitor, although she was more about the spirit of the event and not the actual competition. For a video of the whole event compressed into seven and a half minutes click here.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thunderdrome Baby

J.J. and I made our way over to the Thunderdrome races today. There was a pretty fair turnout, some came from as far as North Dakota and North Carolina. Although we did not arrive until 1:30 the racing began around eleven. We witnessed a fair amount of action. The racing was good, they even had LeMans style starts.

I shot these high quality videos of the pit bike races, complete with a climatic tank slapper at the end. I have to tell you, the boys did a great job with this event. It was a hoot, a good time was had by all. Unfortunately, I had to cut out just a bit early and missed the moped main (had to take Mrs. Gymi out to dinner for our anniversary). J.J. texted me that I missed the "best racing ever, ever and ever" I had a feeling that would turn out to be the case. At least I saved myself the hospital stay and memory loss from the resulting frying pan to the forehead for missing our anniversary date.

The camera cut out at the pivotal moment and missed the Yamaha throwing it's rider to the ground. The result of a little to much rear brake as I see it. Anyway, missing the end of the crash will surely result in SPEED not offering me a position as camera man for the 2011 MotoGP season and a whirlwind tour of Europe and Asia, such is life. More to come.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Horse Trading

The Slug got started eighteen months ago with a 1200 Sportster he picked up for four grand. He immediately got to the business of customizing it. He turned it into the Bratstyle Bobber pictured here.
He sold the Sporty soon after it was completed for a tidy profit of fifteen hundred. A FLH Shovel soon caught his eye, but turned out be a bit less than it appeared to be. It wasn't long before He spotted a nice '87 Heritage Classic on craigslist up in Houghton Lake for five large. He contacted the seller and soon found himself making the one hundred ninety mile trip to check the bike out. What he found at the end of the trip was a very clean one owner bike with twenty three thousand original miles on the clock. He promptly paid the man and with a wave of his magic wand he turned his Sportster into a Softtail Heritage.
He was happy with this bike until recently when his old man picked up an '10 Street Glide. After spending a little time with that bike he was bitten hard by the FLH bug. That bug bites hard and he soon found himself dreaming about batwing fairings and hard bags. Of course he put the Heritage on the market, but before he got a call, he found a '86 Harley Davidson Classic Liberty Edition. it's a low production bike of only eight hundred ninety nine units. He fell head over heals for this bike. I could see why, with its silver and black paint scheme it's one of the nicest looking baggers the MoCo has ever produced.
We rode out to the owners place last Saturday and as it turns out, he was looking for a Heritage. The bike was every thing he made it out to be. They made a trade plus some cash and next thing you know, the Heritage was suddenly transformed into a sweet Bagger.
He has had the bike for a week now and I think he has even been sleeping with it. So kids, that's how you turn a Sportster into a Electra Glide Classic in a year and a half. Now if I could only figure out how to magically transform my FJ1100 into a Concours 14 or a FJR1300.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Thunderdrome!

Rediscovered by accident by a group of renegade landscapers the Dorais Velodrome is being brought back to life by a group of enthusiastic volunteers. Years of neglect had taken it's toll, but after much hard work, the velodrome will be hosting it's first race in about twenty two years. On Saturday October 16th the first wheels will be turned in anger as competitors on mopeds,scooters,road bikes fixed gear bikes and mountain bikes will be going elbow to elbow bringing back the former glory of a long forgotten Detroit landmark. Looks like a great time, I'm going to have to check this place out.

Till Next Time...........
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