Sunday, August 26, 2012

Be Seen

With the rate of distracted driving accidents on the rise, a full quarter of all accidents are now attributed to distracting driving. Being visible to other motorist is more important these days than anytime in history. Lunasee has come up with an innovative product,The ASL-1000 to make motorcyclist and bicyclist more visible, after dark. They use a light emitting tape that you apply to your rims that produces a neon like glow that makes your bike stand out like a nudist at Presidential fund raiser. Here is what makes it go “As the wheels rotate, the LERtape is constantly excited by four discrete high intensity LEDpods mounted on the frame or forks of your motorcycle and targeted at the LERtape. The glowing LERtape creates the visible and striking rings of light without any wires or lights actually on or in your wheels.” I can’t guarantee that this product will keep you from having your molecular properties from being melded with those of a 2001 Ford Focus whose operator is steering with their knee while eating a poptart, texting their friends to see what is going on tonight while applying make up. But I say every little bit counts. If this system can distract our distracted drivers from what they are being distracted by for long enough to keep us from joining them in their front seat via being tossed there from being ran down by said distracted driver is worth the price of admission to me. Wow, that was on long ass sentence. Lunasee can tell you a lot more about how their system works than I can unless I completely plagiarize them. So I suggest you point your pointer to the highlighted links and do some research of their products and pony up some cash, so you can look like a low flying UFO and maybe get noticed by someone who is about to puree you internal organs.
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