Friday, March 22, 2013

Modular Housing for Your Skull

First off, I have been an AGV customer for as long as I can remember. And I wear full face helmets exclusively. I friend of mine uses a modular helmet and raves about it's versatility. I like the idea of being able to change your helmet into an open face when the weather gets hot. No matter how many vents the modern versions have, my head always comes out soft boiled when I’m riding in hot weather. So I decided to give a Hawk modular helmet from Leather Up a go and see if this modular thing blows what I have left of my hair back.

Leather Up has their own line of motorcycle gear now to go along with all the brand name gear they sell. Exelement jackets, gloves, boots and helmets, Hawk Helmets and Outlaw open-faced helmets. I just picked up a Hawk H-6611 modular helmet. This lid has MANY bells and whistles on it. First, it is a modular and I can't wait for the warm weather to try out the convertible option of this piece. As winter refuses to give up it's icy grip this year, I have only tried the open face a hand full of times. It is also equipped with blue tooth. I am kinda old school when it comes to motorcycle gear, but I am coming around. I do have a Joe Rocket ballistic jacket now for Christ sakes. And last but not least, besides the regular face shield, this helmet comes with a retractable smoked shield that slides in and out of the helmet shell like on a fighter pilot's helmet.

Let's start off with the Blue tooth. I use blue tooth in my car because I am a very big opponent of distracted driving. The less time I have to spend looking at my cell phone the better. Well the blue tooth on this helmet not only allows you to answer calls while you are riding, but affords the option of listening to your mp3's or XM/Sirius radio as well. I really have not listened to music on my any of my bikes up until a couple of years ago. I picked myself up a set of helmet speakers which are basically flat headphones that fit in you helmet. I found that they worked ok, but the wires were always getting in the way. This all goes the way of the steam engine with this helmet. I have to say, with around twelve hundred songs on my phone, and an XM unit, I am REALLY enjoying this blue tooth stuff. Plus Mrs. Gymi isn't frustrated when I return her call three hours later because I was riding and didn't hear my phone. Now she can call me to tell me she is going to color her hair and I will be able to answer the call and hear the fantastic news real time. The call quality on both sides has been nice and clear, I'm hearing them and they're hearing me. All I have to do is give the blue tooth button on the left side of the helmet a push when a call comes in. I have been riding J.J.'s Heritage to test the blue tooth out because the Viffer is still nude waiting for warmer weather so she can turn black. I found the sound quality to be adequate even with those loud shot gun pipes signing that loud V-Twin bark. I have to say this is the quietest helmet I have owned, it really keeps the wind noise to a minimum. So that makes listening to music very easy, I thought wind noise would cancel it out. This is not the case.

Next comes the retractable face shield. Here is another feature I am all tingly about. Now I don't have to carry an extra shield or pair of glasses with me depending on the time of day I'm riding. Or if I am transitioning from day to night or vice versa. Now I just reach up and slide the control on the left side of the helmet. Plus, you have built in eye protection when you are in open face mode. This internal visor does it's job pretty damn good, no watering eyes so far. There is also a snap in chin strap that I like quite a bit better than the old double ring loop through design that has been on helmets since the beginning of man. I chose a matt black unit because, I like black. So far I really like this helmet, it is every bit as comfortable as any of my AGV's. Plus is slips on to my extra large noggin like a glove. I figured Y'all would rather see a pleasant looking young lady than my ruddy mug, so I enlisted a stand in for the photographic element of this review. All in all, I find the H-6611 a light and comfortable piece of kit to keep the contents of your skull intact in the event you might find yourself bouncing down the road. At $189.95 U.S. it is a bargain as well. I haven't found any downside of this helmet as of yet. If I do, I will keep you posted. Below are the features of this helmet I lifted off Leather Up's page for this helmet.

ABS Thermoplastic shell

One button, one-hand flip-up sytem converts helmet from full-face to open-face Glove-friendly and waterproof controls

Quick-release, anti-scratch visor Interior retractable drop-down smoke tint sun-visor ( drop-down button located on left side of helmet)

Flow-through ventilation system Inner lining: removable and washable Chin strap with quick-release closure and strap keeper.
DOT-approved (non-removable graphics on the back) Hawk graphics on the front and back

  Blinc Bluetooth® Integrated Communication technology: Cell phone compatible (Iphone compatible) Compatible with many GPS units Interference free communications Lithium-Ion replaceable battery

Battery life: 4 hours continuous talk time and 100 hours standby Complete recharge of battery - 6 hours

Noise cancelling mic Full duplex communications with DSP filter Self adjusting volume

  Waterproof controls 30 feet of intercom and communications distance Music streaming

Glove friendly controls Multifunction LED indicators 110V/220V charger

Blinc Bluetooth Module System: Talk rider to passenger (Intercom) Talk bike to bike (2-way communications) Use your cellphone Listen to streaming music from MP3 and phone Listen to GPS directions

One-touch cell phone/intercom override Automatic phone/mp3 override Listen to XM radio through phone

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some Outlaw Mini Bike Drag Action

Here are a few vids of Big Toe of Outlaw Fab Shop  fame mini drag bikes in action. In the first one, one of Big Toe's chassis puts an Omni GLH on the trailer.

In this next video after a false start, a Big Toe set up has a go against the competition. His chassis is the red one in the far lane.

This time the Outlaw Fab Shop's rig is in the near lane porting the wheelie bars and spots the other bike about six lengths and still takes out the trash.

If you're in the market for mini bike drag frame or a turn key unit, check out Outlaw Fab Shop or call 248-941-2483 and tell him Gymi sent ya. Or you can click on the Mini Drag bike on the right side of the page.
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