Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stealth Rider

Speed has a new motorcycle stunting program called Stealth Rider. It has been on for a few weeks now, for those of you whom have not seen it here is a little sample. Jason Britton along with Tony Carbajal and Eric Hoenshell travel the country stunting at famous landmarks. They even wind up showing their stuff here in Detroit. So if you haven't had the chance yet check out the clip, and head on over to SPEED to check out the show.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

JBM Industries

If you have 38, 36, 34mm Mikunis on your bike and your slide diaphragms have seen better days you need to check out JBM Industries and pick yourself a new pair. I have shopped around and for the money you cannot beat what they are offering @ JBM. I needed a set for my 1978 XS500 and after doing a bit of research I stumbled upon JBM site.
You can pick up the complete slide and diaphragm set at MikesXS for $69.00 a piece. Speed and sport carry the assembly for $97.00 a piece or this guy sells them on ebay for $49.00 a pair.
After checking out the other guys, I came to the conclusion JBM's products are by far the best option for replacing your worn out diaphragms. They "started in 1978 making reproduction rubber and machined parts for vintage automotive hydraulic systems.
JBM is unique in that we offer both design, development, and manufacturing of many hard to find or obsolete mechanical or rubber parts.
Being small offers us flexibility and the ability to offer attention to detail. We solve problems here. JBM strives to make better quality parts. We are not always cheaper, but in many cases we are both cheaper and better than other manufacturers. We design and build our own tooling, or can run your tooling in our shop".
They also make carb holders for the same size carbs I mentioned in the beginning of the post. The installation of the diaphragms could not be simpler, and they have detailed instructions on their site.They also make diaphragms for KZ400's and 440's with Keihin CV's. Or if you need some for the Hitachi HS32's on your Maxim or Seca, Jbm is your one stop shop.If you can't tell by now, I am very satisfied with the product they offer and think you should run over there and get yourself a set whether you need them or not. They do make nice knick knacks and would look nice sitting on a shelf next to all your softball trophies.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Little Something For The Harley Guys

A couple more from VMD. First a 1978 Harley Davidson 250MX. You really don't see these rare birds around, they did not catch on with the dirtbike crowd. Still a very nice design.
Followed closely by a nice KR motored flat tracker,notice the hard tail.
Last but not least a flat head tracker complete with jockey shifter.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yamaha TX/XS 500

Because there is very little info on the Yamaha TX/XS500 line of bikes on the web, I started a new blog in hopes of compiling info and tech tips in one easy to find place. I'm asking for help from those of you who own and have experience with these bikes to post tech tips, pictures of your bikes and useful information. You can follow the link in the good readin' links or click here to check it out. Any of you who care to participate in this new blog or link to it will be greatly appreciated. I will be posting all the updates on my XS500 there, everything else here.Or click on the banner and Join us at the TX/XS500 Forum.


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sportster Adventure Tourer

Sell your BMW GS, get rid of your Buell Ulysses, toss your Triumph Tiger. This guy has them all beat. He took his 883 outfitted it with a 5.5 gallon tank off a police electra glide. Whipped up a little trailer and mounted a cartop hauler on it. Next, made himself a little frame to carry his kayak and he is ready for whatever the road throws at him. I only wish I had my camera with me when I ran across this setup, we have to settle with the cellphone pics. I guess they're better than no pics.
I'm still half cracking up and half admiring his enginuity.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Don’t Have Time To Ride It Anymore

"I Just don't have the time anymore to ride it and have to many projects going on right now that are taking up my time".

This line was lifted from a Craigslist ad for the pictured Honda 700S. Really, you don’t have time to ride your motorcycle. Since when did people have to make extra time to ride their bikes. Can’t you use your bike to go places you would ordinarily drive a car? What kind of projects do you have that are gumming up the works so bad they are preventing you from riding your bike. Other than repairing or rebuilding the only bike you own, I cannot come up with a answer to that question.

I see this line in way too many ads. (I spend way too much time perusing motorcycle ads, a sickness of mine). I think what they really mean by this is, they like the idea of riding a motorcycle, just not the practice of riding a motorcycle. It’s too hot, it’s too cold. It’s raining, the skies are blue and the sun is shining. Not to appear less than Manley to buyers that like to ride motorcycles, they have to come up with some excuse as to why they are selling a perfectly functioning bike. Myself, I really don’t care why you’re selling your bike, I just want to know the condition and the price.

Those who ride on a regular basis, do so regardless of weather conditions and time concerns, they ride because it is part of their fabric. Myself I can’t help it, I ride almost everywhere I go. I am compelled to do so, I have to ride my motorcycle. It’s not just because I want to, I need to. I really don’t need to explain this to those of you who feel the way I do, I probably couldn’t explain it anyway. To tell the truth, I really don’t know why, I just know the way riding makes me feel. I can’t find a substitute for it anywhere.

Now I know everyone doesn’t feel the way I do about riding and motorcycles. There are those who feel the same way about bowling. That’s fine, I do not begrudge any legal activity to those who find pleasure in participating in that activity whatever it may be. I have tried plenty that didn’t get my flag a flying, bowling, cross-country skiing, running, alligator wresting, figure skating, you get the picture. The people that love these endeavors do so for the same reasons you and I ride.

If riding motorcycles is not for you, you don’t need to have an excuse for it to sell your bike. Just point out the fine points of the bike and give a price, someone will come along and take it off your hands just the same. If your asked why your selling it, tell the truth, I’m really not into it. People will understand, we all try things that don’t blow our hair back, just keep trying and eventually something will. I used to have a red and black '84 700S back in '86-'90, I just hope that this 700S finds a owner who can find the time to take Her dancing.

Till Next Time..................
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