Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Little Something For The Harley Guys

A couple more from VMD. First a 1978 Harley Davidson 250MX. You really don't see these rare birds around, they did not catch on with the dirtbike crowd. Still a very nice design.
Followed closely by a nice KR motored flat tracker,notice the hard tail.
Last but not least a flat head tracker complete with jockey shifter.


Stuman714 in Indy said...

Very sweet!
I saw a guy at the old Mid America Speedway here in Indy-when it was still behind Dancer's on W. Washington before they moved to the Marion Cty Fairgrounds on the SE side of town-that was riding one of the old '70s 2-stroke H-D/Aermachii's (pardon my spelling) and it brought back some great memories. Those were really pretty decent bikes in the day for what they were and where they came from.
Great stuff as always man! Keep up the great work!

Gymi said...

I used to go to the track at the Michigan State Fairgrounds and watch bikes like these race. That seems like a million years ago. Now it seems like I have to drive a million miles just to catch a flattrack race. Like you, these bikes brought the memories flooding bak.

Surly said...

Back before harleys were ubiquitous the one local dealer had one of those MX250 sitting on the wooden showroom floor since the day it was new. When The Motor Company made all the dealers conform to the new image Harry told em to pound sand. Now Hammond Harley Davidson is gone and there is an HD dealer every two miles. I guess that's what they had to do to stay in business.

Gymi said...

It was pretty much the same around here. Now all the dealers stores are more like some boutique at the mall. Lots of shiney trinkets and all the prerequisite leather apparel festooned with the appropriate bar and shield logos.

I miss those old Harley stores like I miss the old hardware stores. Both stores had the same feel to them. Creakey wood floors the smell of machine oil and people that feel the same way about their wares as their customers did.

Now it's get them in and blind them wih all the bright lights and separate them from their cash.

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