Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Don’t Have Time To Ride It Anymore

"I Just don't have the time anymore to ride it and have to many projects going on right now that are taking up my time".

This line was lifted from a Craigslist ad for the pictured Honda 700S. Really, you don’t have time to ride your motorcycle. Since when did people have to make extra time to ride their bikes. Can’t you use your bike to go places you would ordinarily drive a car? What kind of projects do you have that are gumming up the works so bad they are preventing you from riding your bike. Other than repairing or rebuilding the only bike you own, I cannot come up with a answer to that question.

I see this line in way too many ads. (I spend way too much time perusing motorcycle ads, a sickness of mine). I think what they really mean by this is, they like the idea of riding a motorcycle, just not the practice of riding a motorcycle. It’s too hot, it’s too cold. It’s raining, the skies are blue and the sun is shining. Not to appear less than Manley to buyers that like to ride motorcycles, they have to come up with some excuse as to why they are selling a perfectly functioning bike. Myself, I really don’t care why you’re selling your bike, I just want to know the condition and the price.

Those who ride on a regular basis, do so regardless of weather conditions and time concerns, they ride because it is part of their fabric. Myself I can’t help it, I ride almost everywhere I go. I am compelled to do so, I have to ride my motorcycle. It’s not just because I want to, I need to. I really don’t need to explain this to those of you who feel the way I do, I probably couldn’t explain it anyway. To tell the truth, I really don’t know why, I just know the way riding makes me feel. I can’t find a substitute for it anywhere.

Now I know everyone doesn’t feel the way I do about riding and motorcycles. There are those who feel the same way about bowling. That’s fine, I do not begrudge any legal activity to those who find pleasure in participating in that activity whatever it may be. I have tried plenty that didn’t get my flag a flying, bowling, cross-country skiing, running, alligator wresting, figure skating, you get the picture. The people that love these endeavors do so for the same reasons you and I ride.

If riding motorcycles is not for you, you don’t need to have an excuse for it to sell your bike. Just point out the fine points of the bike and give a price, someone will come along and take it off your hands just the same. If your asked why your selling it, tell the truth, I’m really not into it. People will understand, we all try things that don’t blow our hair back, just keep trying and eventually something will. I used to have a red and black '84 700S back in '86-'90, I just hope that this 700S finds a owner who can find the time to take Her dancing.

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DMZ Vet said...

Man! I agree with yer post 100%! I've been hackin' and coughin' the past 3 days with a damn ol' "summer cold'... Jus' told the wifey this mornin' that I am buggin' up 'cause I've been off of the scooter since Sunday. Jus' don't understand the whiny folks out there who have to "make" time to ride... Hell, in my case two-wheeled therapy has saved me thousands of dollars and a marriage over the years. =) Respects and keep on'a ridin! Squirts

Richard said...

Perhaps it's a case of "too many toys" syndrome. He's got an RV, and a jetski, and a snowmobile, and a hot rod, and the bike interests him the least of all those. I got that way a while back. A boat, two off-road vehicles, two motorbikes, car, house, full-time job ... Then work became difficult and I decided to cut back. The boat went, the trialler went, the Land Rover is going soon (damned if I am selling either bike, though). Each time, the excuse was the same - I don't have the time to enjoy this any more. Which was kind of true, as I didn't have time to enjoy any of them to the full and keep two bikes on the road. But the main reason was over-stretched finances. Perhaps your Craigslist guy had a garage full of bikes but needed to sell one to get the cash?

Maybe not. The text doesn't even hint at that. I can't see myself ever selling my only bike, for the reasons you so eloquently give. I'd die inside without a bike to ride. And what are these 'projects'? If he'd said he didn't have time for the Honda because he was resurrecting a 1965 Triton I would give the guy a cheer. But the 'projects' sound suspiciously like a non-too-keen girlfriend to me. Or just a lack of interest, as you surmise. Who knows?

Your post reminds me of a piece I wrote on a forum long ago, where I tore into those people who write in their ads "reluctant sale". I mean, FFS, if you're reluctant, don't sell it! "Too many other projects" is a little more honest than that, at least.

Gymi said...


I hear ya, there is no better therapy for me than a nice ride. I have a friend who owns a beautiful '02 Road King Classic. He compains if he has to ride it more than a half hour at a time. Says his ass hurts. His ass hurts riding that lazy boy, that's one of the most comfortable bikes I have ever rode. I really don't know why he has it, he barely ever rides it.


The wife and girlfriends are time tested excuses. My wife knew going in bikes were in my blood. She has never had a problem with it, she even goes on a ride with me every year or two. I normally have my plate pretty full, even if I'm not getting a whole lot of recreational riding in, I still ride to work and on errands. Between March and November, It's pretty hard to spot me driving a car.

I see people fall out of riding for a number of reasons. It's always nice when some do return, then it gives you more reasons to ride.

Greenoath said...

beautiful blog, complimenti from italy

Lucky said...

Just had to say: word.

Gymi said...

Thanks Greenoath,

Lucky, I hear ya.

red said...

Yup, it's always sad. Kinda like a friend of mine how has a ton of great vintage bikes stored in a barn. They don't run and I don't believe he has the time to fix them. So many great bikes, SRX600, RD400, Honda Dreams and on and on.

I dream about renting a U-Haul and liberating a few of them from the slow death of neglect.

Gymi said...

You should just show up with a trailer and save those bikes. I'll take the SRX ;)

Grumpyunk said...

Good post, Gymi! I got my new front tire for the BigBluePlasticMotorcycle yesterday and hope to get it mounted tomorrow. It has been to damn hot to ride some days this summer. I gotta get a half helmet for those days 'cause the full face, even with the shield up just is miserable and takes the fun out of riding.
I did the 12 years off thing and really didn't know how bad I'd missed it till I got back in the saddle.

Gymi said...

I know what ya mean about the heat Unk. It's been like a blast furnace round these parts as well. I even have forsaken my beloved leather for a balistic jacket. I'll still sport the leather when the temps get milder, I've worn it for way too many years to toss it aside totally. Still wering the AGV, I feel naked wearing a half helmet. Thank God for washable helmet linings.

I went bikeless for about four years in the early nineties after my boy was born. Had to do the responsible Dad thing. I found that eveytime I saw a bike or heard one, it felt like a piece of me was missing.

After some serious beggin' and scratchin' the Mrs. finally caved in and gave me the green light. She understands how much riding means to me and I'm glad to have her.

Richard said...

Heat? I wish!

We've had a good summer so far this year and it has been generally warm and dry - perfect biking weather. I have gone from my usual full-face to an open-face, and I am loving it. It's a much better feeling of freedom, youj can smell the flowers better, and peripheral vision is so much better too. I'll have to go back to the FF when the rain and cold start to bite, but until now I am sticking with the fresh air.

My wife understands the obsession, too, and I am likewise grateful.

Gymi said...

I'm glad there is decent riding weather somewhere on the planet. We've been roasting our asses off here in the U.S.

I started wearing my off road helmet, it's a lot lighter and the wind does whistle through it. It's a damn sight more comfortable to wear in this heat. Had to take the visor off, anything over sixty had it wanting to take off along with my head.

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