Sunday, December 9, 2007

Six for the price of one

I just bought six tires for sixty bucks off an ad on craigslist. I hate to keep going on and on about craigslist, but I just find way too many deals there. The tires were one use take offs from the sellers KTM’s. He explained to me that they never use OEM tires. That is just fine with me because I am a notorious cheap ass and am not above the use of not only OEM tires but used tires to boot.

The tire sizes are, two 80/100-21, one 90/90-21, two 110/100-18, one 100/100-18, as luck would have it, these tires fit both of my bikes. The tires on my bikes are completely shot and I was just about to order me a couple pairs of new tires when I spotted this ad. So it’s back to craigslist to see what other deals I can find.

Till Next Time.....................

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