Thursday, September 18, 2008

I See Light, It's a bit dim, But It's There None The Less

Now that there is a hint of fall in the air, it will soon be time to set down my paint gun and air brush for the season. I have done more paint jobs this summer than I have in years. Between painting bikes, helping others on their bike projects and my own house hold projects, I have seriously neglected the XT. If I already didn’t have the old ZRX to ride, I probably would have finished the XT quite some time ago.
It has been relegated to the back of the garage for most of the summer. But with the fast approaching fall and winter, I will be renewing my interest in it. After all I need something to keep me busy at least for a little while this winter. The parts are all in order and the motor is back together, it’s just a matter of getting the whole shooting match into a functioning motorcycle.
I have a couple more paint jobs waiting in the wings, so it will be a couple weeks or more before I am able to put wrench in hand a actually start tightening some bolts. I kinda want to get the XT back on the road. This bike was in the worst shape of any bike I have ever worked on and I would like the satisfaction of bringing her to some semblance of her former self. Even though she does not have any real value to anyone but me. Well it’s about seventy five and sunny as hell, and I can hear my ZRX calling me.

Till Next Time............

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