Saturday, July 4, 2009

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth

A couple of Vipers from the 127th ANG doing their part to help keep us all free.
The 127th recently transitioned to the warthog. Maybe not as versatile a platform as the F-16, it is a butal tank killer and air to ground attack plane. Always a favorite of mine.


Aaron Abitia said...

One of these flew low over Laguna Seca at the Moto GP race. VERY LOUD!

Gymi said...

They have a very unique sound to them. More of a loud whine, I had a pair fly by me when I was in Cheboygan, Mi. I was on the beach and they flew past at about 200ft off the water and a 1000 feet off shore. Up in Grayling, you can watch them attack targets with their 30mm cannon. Very impressive to see, they pop up over the tree line and let loose with that cannon, all you heard is this loud brrrrrp sound and the target is toast. I have a friend that has a place not to far from where they practice, and he has taken me to check them out a couple of times. A experience I'll never forget.

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