Monday, March 5, 2012

Turkey Buzzards

Two sure signs that spring is right around the corner for me are, I saw two Turkey Buzzards today
And Felix and his "Ducati Buddies" are making me jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For those who may be wondering, the Ducatsi are as follows; 999, Diavel, and Mulistrada. And believe me, the owners, BASTARDS all of them.
Plus my foot is at about 96.3% so I am cracking out the FJ for the first time this year Wednesday and riding it to work. YEEE HAAA Mo Fo's. Shit, that's three things. I guess I'm not as smart as I think I am, well I can count to three, that has to count for something.


bayou_boy504 said...

You are right about one thing...
1. You have correctly identified the three Ducatis.
2. Your foot is in fact 96.3% functional.
3. You're not as smart as you think you are.

Oh, and I hope that one of those two turkey buzzards poops on your FJ. That bike is entirely too clean.

Gymi said...

As usual, most times I am able to get at least one thing right.
P.S. You're a towel

red said...

The trees are budding and birds are singing, time to get my butt in the garage and start wrenching!

Hey, that kinda rhymes. Enjoy your first ride of the year!

Gymi said...

Yeah it does, I snuck one in today, was great.

LukeDuke25 said...

A sure sign is bikes are back on the road, and Canadian Geese are shitting all over everything again! Lol. That is a nice looking FJ you have there.
Enduro Armor

Gymi said...

You got that right Luke,
The bikes were all over today, Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by.

Radical Twin said...

nice pics !!!
EE, from RFT
Bikes, Babes, Tattoos and Rock'n'Roll ... Enjoy !

Gymi said...

Thanks for stopping by, I like your site too, nothing goes together better than Bikes and Babes.

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