Friday, April 13, 2012

Michigan Goes Topless

Today Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed Senate Bill 0291 repealing Michigan's helmet law. If you are at least twenty one years old, carry at least an additional $20,000 in medical insurance and have either passed a motorcycle safety course or had their motorcycle endorsement for at least two years, you can let your locks blow in the breeze. What does this mean to me, it means Michiganders now can decide for themselves whether or not they would like to wear a helmet or not. I have always supported one's right to make decisions on which safety devices they care to utilize. That doesn't mean you will catch me topless anytime soon. While I support an individuals right to choose what's right for them, does not necessarily mean it's right for me. I have been wearing a helmet for forty years now, and this law really isn't going to change how I feel about ensconcing my brain holder in fiberglass and padding.

Here is how the Michigan State Police are looking at it;

In a memo sent to all posts, Michigan State Police Director Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue clarified for officers how the law will be enforced.

"The law does not require a motorcycle operator to carry or present proof he or she has a motorcycle endorsement for at least two years or has successfully passed the motorcycle safety course.
The law does not require a motorcycle operator or passenger to carry proof of the $20,000 security required to operate or ride a motorcycle without a helmet.
Officers may not stop a motorcyclist for not wearing a helmet based on the possibility the operator or passenger may be in violation of the helmet law.
Operators and passengers who violate the new law are responsible for a civil infraction".

  So Y'all that have been waiting in sweaty anticipation for this law to be signed, get out there and let the wind blow your hair back. I'll be riding right next to you looking through my smoked faceshield. Till Next Time.........................


WooleyBugger said...

If the law is ever appealed here and NC goes lidless I'd still wear my helmet. I've been wearing one since I was a kid and more times than not was glad I was. I've kinda grown to love my scalp and skull just as it is and what ever grey matter I have.

Gymi said...

Hey Wooley, been awhile,

As you can see from my post I feel the same way, to late for me to change horses in the middle of the stream.

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