Friday, May 25, 2012

How Would You Like To Take A Crack At These Babies

I have always been a huge Kenny Roberts fan, given the chance to ride one of his G.P. bikes would be as close as it gets to heaven on earth for me. I wouldn't turn down a shot at Sheene's bike either

Here's a taste of The King and Sheene going at it in the "old days"


Chillertek said...

Ah the smell of two stroke smoke mmmmm. Theres nothing else like it. To bad we will never see the likes of these great GP machines again.

Gymi said...

Oh Yes, the smell of Castrol R in the air, takes me back. I cut my teeth on two strokes. My first street bike was a Honda CB360T, but that lasted about a year until I picked up my first RD400. I have owned six of them over the years including a Daytona Special. I have also had two ‘72 Kawasaki H2's. I was a huge fan of the 500 GP bikes and was sad to see them go in 2003. I guess they had tuned them to the point that they basically took all the two stroke bite out of them and they had power curves like four strokes anyway. The manufactures have not been selling two stroke street bikes for at least fifteen years, so I guess it would make sense for them to make the switch to four strokes and have the technology eventually trickle down to their road bikes. I still miss ‘em though. To this day my dream bike is a RVZ500, but they are scarce as hens teeth in these parts and if you do run across one, they want a kings ransom for it.

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