Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Looks Like It's Time For Me To Pitch Some Woo Again

The time has come to change custody of the FJ to another keeper of the faith. Yes I sold her, I really don't know why, I guess I just felt it was time. I know we never really truly own anything, we are just custodians of the material items that pass thru our lives. It is the care they receive while they are in our custody that counts. If you lavish love and attention on your bike, you will be rewarded when it comes time to part ways with her. If you neglect her and do not give her the time and maintenance she deserves, she will show you the error of your ways when you part company. Sure, you can ask as much for her as the guy treated her to all the luxuries she deserved. But you will not get near the money for her that her sparkling Cousin will bring.

When I am looking for a new dancing partner to pitch some woo at, it is the former qualities that I am looking for rather than the latter. When I see a tattered dirty bike, I don’t see a diamond in the rough, I see a arm long list of head aches. Although I do pick up the occasional turd that needs polishing, I am looking for a fully polished diamond for my daily rider. When I come across that diamond, I see value, I see a bike that I can care for just as the owner that I am buying it from did. Then when the time comes for me to let someone else enjoy her charms, I will get top dollar back on my investment.
Don’t get me wrong, getting my money back plus some is not my only goal when considering buying a bike. It does factor in, but ultimately, I am looking for a bike that is going to be trouble free, presses all my pleasure buttons and I am going to look forward to riding every day. So I am going to stay far away from the bikes that show a life of neglect. As much as I will be turned off by a neglected bike, I will be attracted to a well maintained bike like a moth to a flame. Follow this path and the rewards do come though, I sold the FJ for more than twice the amount I bought her for. This doesn’t happen with every bike I own, but usually get top dollar when I sell because of the care I put into maintaining them when they are in my custody. This philosophy also makes for a quick sale. Rarely are bikes I sell on the market for more than a week. The FJ sold in three days to the first person who answered the ad. And it is a twenty seven year old bike. I know this sounds like bragging, but I am just pointing out the value of lavishing a little care on the bike you have in your custody. You care for them and they will care for you.
I love looking for a different bike, I do it all the time, even when I’m not in the market for one. But when I’m in the market, it is twice as sweet for me. It means I’m not only going to be able to cast a admiring glance or two, like when a beautiful woman passes, but I am actually going to have a relationship with her. This is what I live for, the challenge of the hunt, finding that one beauty that I can pitch some woo at and not have my wife beat me with a frying pan. I have a couple of potential lovelies in mind that I think I can bring home without my wife filing papers on me.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth.

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