Thursday, December 19, 2013

1977 Harley - Davidson XLCR - $10500

Currently on the Detroit metro Craigslist is a 1977 Harley XLCR. Well I guess you would be able to figure that out by reading the title of the post. I guess you would not be able to nail down the exact location by the title alone. Nor does the first sentence of this post give it away. Enough of this Jack Assery, the bike is located in Kingston, which is located not in the Detroit metro area, but in what us Michiganders refer to as the Thumb, pretty much the smack dab in the middle of it. If you're not from Michigan, the next time you look at a map of the state, the thumb is the region that looks like a thumb on a mitten. Now that geographical portion of our post is complete, lets talk about the bike shall we.
The bike pictured below is the actual bike for sale.

This bike resides in the top five of my personal favorite bikes of all time. Not because it's a fire breathing canyon caver as the CR in the designation suggest. Not because I would love to toss a leg over it and ride strait from Detroit to Los Angeles. Not that it will leave any bike of similar displacement for dead in stop light to stop light competition. It doesn't do any of those task particularly well. I love this bike, for the way it looks. Willie G. got the look of this bike so right, It makes every hair on my body stand strait up.

Harley produced just 3,123 copies of this beauty in just two model years, 1977 and 1978. The main reason this bike was a sales flop was, price and about anything in it's class would flat leave it for dead. If looks alone could sell a bike, they probably would not have been able to keep up with demand. Although it just doesn't posses good looks, it also has soul and is a hoot to ride. If you have to ask, what is soul, you need to run strait out and ride a Bonnie, a 750 commando, any Iron Head Sportster, I could go on and on.

"Following is the ad:

Nice Xlcr Café Racer Harley Davidson. Still has The Original Key .Never Been Down. Adult owned. 10,000 miles . Comes with extra set of Stock hard to find Goodyears eagle At's In plastic yet (Stock Original Tires). New chain and sprocket. Lockhart Oil cooler. Owned since 1994. all Books Included new or very lightly used . Service manual. Parts manual, warranty Book . These Bikes are Getting Rare . Look at NADA Prices and you'll see this is a steal .No Offers FIRM.

I have omitted the phone number so the owner doesn't receive calls long after the bike is being enjoyed by it's new owner. Follow this link if you would like to buy the bike.

Unfortunately, I will be making no offers on this bike myself. I would love to own it, but, I can put the ten five to better use elsewhere. Perhaps sometime in the future. That is one very nice bike for the money. And a very rare find.


Janet Oh said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Doug Klassen said...

It's interesting to see how awareness of the old CR's and XR1000's has grown and their prices too. Back when they were new H-D could scarcely give them away.

You're right, the CR has a very classic look to it now and would still be a standout on a show room today. Add some bags, some fringe, some ape hangers, and the modern H-D buyers might be interested. ;-)

Gymi said...

That's true Doug,
Both the XLCR and XR1000 have always been my favorite Harleys. Strange both only lasted two model years. But they cost too much back in the day and now. I really like what Sundance Enterprises came up with when they comingles the CR,XR in a '02 S frame. Talk about the best of both worlds. But the price of that bike is out in space some where. It is a work of art though.

red said...

I've always loved those.

A buddy of mine has been trying to track one down for a while, I'll forward the ad to him.

Gymi said...

unfortunately Red, it has already been sold. That was one clean bike. As you can see, it also had the original exhaust intact. Pretty rare, as with most Harleys, they were immediately binned in favor of deafening strait pipes.

Surly said...

Some drunken moron almost rode one of those through a tent I was trying to sleep in one night near Road America. The wheel pushed up against me but didn't tear the tent. Wrong campsite, dumbass.

Janet Oh said...

One just popped up in Austin.

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