Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Blog Title

Seeing that I have not had any dirt bike content for quite some time, I decided it was time for a title change. I didn't want to go back to Gymi's Place (R.I.P.) I think Gymi's Cafe' sounds pretty good, so here we are. Not that more than three or four people read this blog anyway, I don't think anyone will really care. To those of you kind enough to link to this crappy little blog, you may want to update this in your links, but in the end that is up to you. To the three or four readers that stop by every now and then, Thanks and I hope you still drop in from time to time.

Till Next Time..........


Richard said...

Personally, I liked the original title - it was what drew me to the blog in nthe first place. I sometimes wondered about the relevant to the content, but hey. But I like the new header picture and I think the new title is good. I wish you well with it.

Nice to know I am one of a small, select number!

red said...

I dig it. A little change can be a good thing.

I went through a few titles until I settled on my current one.

Gymi said...

I still keep an eye out for the right beat up dirtbike that needs a new home. I will probably end up with one before the snow falls this year. I love to ride them, but there is no good place within a hundred miles of here, so they usually sit in the garage till I sell them. I like that I can check in on you from time to time to get my off road fix.

Thanks, I dig the current name of your blog as well. I agree, a bit of change here and there is always a good thing.

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