Saturday, September 18, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

I not only love motorcycles, I also am very fond of bicycles. While watching a program on PBS called Under The Radar Michigan, they profiled a unique furniture maker named Andy Gregg. Andy had been a bicycle mechanic for quite some time when he came up with the idea to make furniture out of used up bikes. Well, he not only had a damn good idea, he turned out to be one hell of an artist as well. His furniture creations are nothing short of art works. His shop is located in Marquette Michigan, one of the best cities in Michigan (if you ever get the chance, you'll love it there). Andy's shop is a great reason to plan a trip there.
If you can't find an opening in your Filofax to visit Andy's store, the are a couple of ways to buy his creations. First you can stop by his website Bike Furniture Design. Call them at (906) 361-2483, drop them a line at Bike Furniture Design P.O. Box 11 Marquette, MI 49855. Send them a email at Any way you slice it, it is worth checking out his unique furniture.

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