Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flying Pilgrims R/C Club

My Nephew belongs to a giant scale R/C club called the Flying Pilgrims. They have a yearly two day airshow and usually have a pretty good turnout. This years shows were hampered a bit by the weather. Yesterday, was pretty much a rain out, today the wind was blowing 20-30mph so quite a few of the pilots were understandably gun shy. I attended last year and there was quite a bit of action including someone destroying his B-17. The weather seemed to limit the field of participating fliers, I really missed the helicopters, however a hawk showed up and seemed interested in the warbirds that were flying with him. Despite the weather I did get a couple of shots of few planes whose pilots were brave enough to send them up. Due to their size and speed, these planes make for a difficult subject. I used my 300mm lens and focused manually. Here are a couple of shots from the show.


Richard said...

Those are truly excellent photos, Gymi. Well done.

Grumpyunk said...

I'm with Richard. Great Pictures. I'd be afraid to fly one of those things for all the $$$ it takes to put a nice one together. My cross eyed ass would probably Lawn Dart it on the first flight.

Gymi said...

Thanks guys,

Those were my favorites out of the hundred fifty I took. Digital gives you the luxury of being able to go through your shots right after you take them. I would have thrown about fifty in the trash as soon as I got them back from the processor with my old film SLR. Now all I have to do is delete them. I love technology sometimes.

My Nephew always is trying to get me build one of those babies. I’m with you Unk, I would make a smoking hole in the groung in short order.

I tell my Nephew, why don’t I hand you fifteen hundred dollars and you can start a camp fire with it. I would be quicker and less painful than building and destroying a plane I put about five hundred hours of labor into.

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