Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Finising Touch for Your Vintage Bike

Chances are that Mark makes a set of decals that will put the finishing touch on that project bike of yours. I'll let Mark tell you more about their products and history, since he is the one who is behind it.
"Our decal adventure started back before the Internet was commercialized.
Just another small sign and truck lettering shop that had some real motorcycle blood in our back history.In the early 90s bike logos and designs were done only for close friends and relatives.Just a very small group of people who couldn't find decals for the restorations they were doing.Early 1996 we posted up (then new but now old) website and pushed for bike and snowmobile clients.
1000s of hours and many late nights we built up our motorcycle and snowmobile catalogs.Have you ever heard of the book Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell. and his concept of the "10000 Hour Rule", will make you. We'll you can quadruple that and more for us. By 2011 we have been online for 15+ years, far longer than anyone else in our niche. Vintage bikes and Snowmobile decal re-prints. That's all we do, no need to reinvent ourselves. We are sticking to the plan. (no pun intended)
We still have 1000s of more decals and models on to work on and develop.
Items are reverse engineered from old parts, decals etc. into a new format that works today.It is extremely difficult to find older dirt bike decals that can still be used for proper development. Everyone thinks we have an easy button where all we need to do is scan and print. I chuckle at that one almost every day.
We do all our own work here from, R&D, design, mfg. administration... you name it, everything is in house. We are very proud that.
Never will we rush into new models, our policy is that "Fine wine takes time."
What we have to work on is still and always will be vintage and older models, mostly from the 70s and 80s soon 90s.
Our clients are a fantastic group, they search us out as they know our commitment to detail. They know we are building something good here. Many of them waiting for us to work on their favorite bike.
I wish we could do them all, but that just isn't a reality.
My wish is that we get to stick around for another decade or so, that maybe I can pass it on to my family".
Here there is more you can read on one of our sites under the Founder.

I can tell you that they produce top shelf decals and you will not be disappointed with the quality.

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