Thursday, March 10, 2011

Motorcycle Poll

I learned not many people take them, at least on this blog. Out of the 2,136 visitors while the poll was active, only 19 voted.


Richard said...

Gymi, I've run a couple of polls, and not many voted in mine either. Out of the number of visitors, the proportion is tiny. I suspect that (like me) a lot of your visitors are non-bikers and just visit for interest, a bit like a risk-free way of entering a bikers' bar and listening to the chat without the chance of a bearded and tattooed lunatic offering them a fight.

I am surprised at your results, though - Yamaha 6 and H-D only 2 ??? Yamaha is my own top bike (4 owned), but that's not so surprising in the UK. I would have expected H-D to wipe the board on yours.

red said...

I didn't notice the poll until after it was closed. I guess my eyes at trained to go right to the post section instead of the side bar.

To answer the question, it's been mostly Hondas but none of them saw the road.

Gymi said...

I suspect you may be on to something there Richard. I too was somewhat surprised at the results. Seeing that everyone I ride with bar a couple, ride Harleys. But they didn't take the poll as far as I know.

You may be on to something too Red. It does kind of get lost over there. You would have put Honda over the top for second.

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