Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hammer and Tong

Like last year we missed the scooter races,got a late start again. But there was no shortage of action the rest of the day. As we rolled in for ThunderDrome II, the pit bike races were just about to get under way. Last year there were four competitors for the pit bike race. This year, there were about twenty, so we were treated to three ten lap heat races and a final. And the racing was pretty damn good. Each heat had two riders that went at it lap after lap except for the first race.Heat race 1 was dominated by the rider on number four here. He pretty much left everyone else like they were tied to a pole.
Off of turn two, there is a pretty good dip in the track and the some of the racers were testing their suspensions to the limit, like this YZ80. They were also doing some pretty good wheelies off the same turn.

I thought the CR125 would be the class of the field, but the YZ80 and CR battled it out for third and Fourth.

The leaders of the pack consisted of these two boys on a Chinese 110 and a Honda CRF100, who went at it like there was a basket of freshly made cheese sandwiches waiting for them at the end of the race. There was never more than a couple of bike lengths between them the whole race.

That little 110 was surprisingly fast and it's master was not afraid to put the whip to her. Back markers were dispatched with relative ease.
He won by a hair, with the fourteen old on the CRF on his heels. That kid can ride I thought he would make a late race pass for the win. A back marker slowed him just enough to ruin a photo finish. There seemed to be about as many spectators as last falls races, but field of competitors was about four times larger. The racing was way better than the first event and we couldn't have had more fun if we had a tank of nitrous oxide. There was some heavy action in the moped races, but that will have to wait.

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