Saturday, April 16, 2011

ThunderDrome II

On April 30th, racers from every corner of the Continent will be taking to the track in anger. They have a score to settle, it stems from last Octobers first event at the Dorais Park Velodrome in over twenty years. The event organizers wondered what could be done to improve on last years inaugural event. The driving forces behind the racing decided, hey lets let them duke it out in a no holds barred elbow to elbow championship. So this year we will be treated to a three race series. The first taking place at the Dorais Velodrome on April 30th as mentioned abovethunderdrome_ad_pbr The second race in the three race series (ThunderDrome III)will take place at Gilmore Car Museum Kalamazoo, MI. 9:00 Dusk on June 12th. It will be run in conjunction with their Vintage Motorcycle event What more does one need to get excited about this event. It's like being shot out of a cannon into a pile of nekked ladies. Like winning the lotto and finding out you also won a ten years supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Need I go on, in other words, you'll find yourself staring at the ceiling and sobbing like a baby on a nightly basis for missing such a spectacle. Then we find ourselves back at the Dorais Velodrome on September 12th for the championship races. The top 15 leaders from every class at every event will be awarded championship points. A good time will be had by both competitors and spectators. So if you have been wondering to yourself, what in the hell am I going to do for entertainment on April 30th, June 12th and September 12th, I think the blanks on your dance card have just been filled in. As an added bonus, J.J. and I will be in attendance and who knows, Evel Knievel just might show up.

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