Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Five Grand Vs. Fifty Bucks

Like the pit bike races, they ran heat races for the mopeds. There was no shortage of competitors and close racing. None closer then the grudge match between a ped that looked like it had about five grand was dumped into it. And a rig that looked as if it was dragged out of a dumpster and had about fifty bucks thrown at it.
I know absolutely nothing about mopeds other than they get like 1,000,000 miles to the gallon and are usually pretty slow. Well this group will change your mind about that. While they still may get great gas mileage, there are a few missiles mixed into this group. While the chrome and red bike looked like it already won before the race even started, the scruffy red ride looked as if it would have a hard time getting up to five miles per hour. How looks can be deceiving, the chrome factory bike was indeed fast, the junk heap was even faster. They hounded each other for their ten lap heat race, with the scrape pile coming out on top. I think the fox head on the head light and that fringe jacket had something to do with the speed of that moped. One can't wear fringe without picking up a couple of m.p.h. I know some may come to the conclusion that a leather with fringe would be aerodynamically unsound. But this combatant more than disproves this notion.
He picked up the win in convincing fashion. Unfortunately, not all the moped racing went off without incident. This would include our fringed underdog hero. In the final, he got off to a bad start and while gaining on factory boy, he pushed up into a back marker.
He went down pretty hard and was scraped up good. But he managed to limp away OK and seemed like he would get away with just some scrapes and bruises.

They wound up red flagging the race, and did a pace lap for the final. These boys are pretty serious about their moped racing and I have to tell ya, it looks like more fun than bungee jumping from your front porch. It makes me want to paste one of these little beast together. I think I'm heading over to Craigslist now and see what is what.

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