Monday, October 15, 2012

Better Hurry She Won't Last Long

I know how hard it is to pass up the temptation when you find such a nice bike at such an inviting price.There seems to be a never ending stream of gems such as this on the Detroit Metro Craigslist.

$1400 OBO
Shelly Frame, 900z motor, Disc Brakes
I have service manual for motor.

Real old school chopper!!
Barn Fresh!!

Fun Project!!!!!

Serious Inquires only!!

• Location: Waterford •it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests PostingID: 3299822931


Doug said...

Some metal polish on the pipes, a little Turtle Wax on the paint, some ArmorAll on the soft parts and she's show ready! Snap it up!

bayou_boy504 said...

I wouldn't let someone park that beast in my driveway, let alone give anyone money for it. Best option? Look away.

Gymi said...

I have polished some pretty big turds in my day, but I believe this one surpasses my turd polishing skills. I would need to pick up a V-8 powered buffer for this beauty. I think it would serve mankind best as a modern art masterpiece (of crap) and be put on permanent display at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

bayou_boy504 said...

The Harley Night Train that traveled across the ocean after the tsunami looks to be in better shape than the beastly bike in the craigslist ad.

Gymi said...

Wow, That Night Train story is a wild one. But at least with the Night Train, you would have something of value at the end. I can't see any value in that chopper other than using the motor for a Z bike project.

red said...

Man, I wish I had seen this before I bought my Buell! =]

Gymi said...

Yes you would have liked this bike way better than that crappy old Buell that you bought.

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