Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm A Sucker For A Well Done H2 or RD

I have seen this bike at Vintage Motorcycle Days for Three years now. I guess I should say drooled. She is one hell of a beauty. I have owned two H2's, one bone stock and the other I hot rodded. Not nearly to the level of this one here, but for the early eighties she was pretty hot.The photo above is from the 2010 Vmd.

She is about the best laid out H2 I've had the pleasure of ogling. And she get around too, Joe C snapped a shot of her at this years Moto GP at Indy. I love how he has the chambers on the right side. I find nothing wrong with the two one setup, but in this configuration it gives the bike that extra visual pop.
I believe this particular H2 to be the product of Johnny's Vintage Motorcycle Company of Wadsworth Ohio. If you need parts for your vintage Kawasaki project, Johnny's is the place to start your search from what I hear. You can have a bike restored by them. Purchase a fine example from their showroom floor or choose from the massive stock of Kawasaki parts they have on hand.
Besides this jaw dropping H2, there was a very tasty RD250 in cafe' guise the got the hair on the back of my neck standing up as well.While I'm not usually a big fan of bikes festooned with chrome, it looks good on this bike.
This little 250 is a sparkling example of what one can do with these bikes. I love the color and attention to detail of this bike. I love all things RD and this bike has me scanning craigslist for a barn find. But I have to get my XS500E back on the road before I can inhale the sweet smell of Castrol R in my garage again. I have pretty much finished all the big stuff and am concentrating on the bits and pieces now. I'm am going to try ind get the paint on her before it gets too cold. I'm mot the far away. I digress, I will leave Y'all with a couple more shots of this two stroke diamond.


red said...

Those are some sharp smokers.

A few years back, I heard rumors of a possible return of the two-stroke but so far they seem to be just that.

Gymi said...

Yeah, I can't see them bringing them back. But one of these days I'm gonna track down the right
RZ500, then I will be in two stroke heaven.

Arline said...

The h2 is definitely a jaw dropper, if you know what I mean :D

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