Sunday, November 11, 2007

Making a List

The Grocery List.

After the tear down, you get the grocery list of the obvious and not so obvious. Shall we cover the obvious first. Good, let’s get to it. As you may be able to tell from the pics from the first post, this bike has a few items missing. It still ran as a off road only bike until put away and forgotten (although limited use). The components that made this bike a dual sport in the first place had all been removed and discarded by the previous owner. Including the wiring harness and all lights. Next the side covers, air box, intake runners, speedo, tach and rear fender decided this was a party they were not going to attend. The tires are also shot, although the rims and spokes are in good shape.
Now the not so obvious, although the motor ran when this bike was put away and still has good compression, I am still going to tear it down and replace what needs replacing. There is no telling if it is a hand grenade about to go off, so to be on the safe side I’m cracking her open and having a go at her innards. Plus it looks like oil changes and regular maintenance where not part of the plan on this bike. Then comes the carb, it is a funky one at that. One that can be quite temperamental if not treated properly in your rebuild efforts (or so I’m told). Tear down the left side, but don’t separate the right and left side if you don’t have to.

Then comes the old girls suspenders, they are almost twenty one years old now and I suspect I will be spending quite a bit of my rebuild time in this area. There are worn shock and fork springs to consider, not to mention all the bearing, bushings and spacers that will need to be replaced. At least I know most of what grocery list will contain, and have a pretty good idea what other goodies will be making the list. Then we all have to be ready for a knuckle ball or two. There are always surprises waiting around the corner. Time to see what kind of hit my wallet will be taking.

Till Next Time.............

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