Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oh No, Not Again

While perusing craigslist for XT parts I came across a ‘78 YZ250E that seemed to reach out to me. Like that Christmas tree reached out to Charlie Brown, I found this bike some how in need of my help. It will be ok Linus, it just needs a little love. If we just get her home and hang a few parts on her, everything will be right with the world. So I made contact, worked out a deal (got her for a buck fitty), and next thing you know, I am the proud owner of another turd that needs a bit of elbow grease.

That is the problem I am finding with browsing criagslist, there is an never ending supply of derelict motorcycles for sale there. See the main problem is, the XT project has awoken in me a addiction I have. I can’t resist junk bikes that others have left to rot. I thought I had this problem licked when I sold off my last RD. But seeing all the nut filled turds that are on the pages of craigslist has poked this creature within with a pointy stick and he is wide awake now.

This is a monster that takes all of my will power to keep in it’s cage. It needs to be in it’s cage too, because the next thing you know, I’ll have a whole garage filled with bikes in different states of repair and no money left to repair them with. Not to mention Mrs Gymi really likes to park her car in the garage on those cold Michigan nights, and motorcycles using up the space where her car is normally parked can cause a bit of marital friction. We have to make certain concessions to the ones we love so they don’t make too much noise about our idiosyncracies.

So with checkbook, debit card and credit card in hand, I will set out on a new journey to acquire the bits and pieces to bring the 250E back to some semblance of her former glory. While this bike is remarkably intact, and runs like a raped ape, it will need quite a bit of work to get her back into her wedding gown. I have to finish most of the XT first though, wish me luck.

Till Next Time.......................

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