Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back in Running Order

Not my XT, no that wouldn’t make sense, I have not finished procrastinating on that project. We revived Curly’s YZ yesterday after a engine tear down to take measurements and to replace any parts that were in need of replacing. All it really needed was a new set of rings, some new reeds, a powervalve cleaning and a good old carb cleaning and adjustment. The bore was within specs for the .20 over pop that was already on it. The piston looked like new and measured out that way.
It also was a chance to brush up on our drilling and tapping skills. I cannot remember ever snapping off so many screws and bolts. We must have broke off about twelve altogether. Most were all securing body pieces and a couple on the engine cases, so there was not too much drama.No need to crack out the old Helicoil set.

The bike was a bit dirty, mainly because it is a dirt bike. But the frame has quite a bit of boot rash and a few stone chips and such. My pleads to Curly to take off all her clothes so I could give the frame a good going over and a fresh paint job fell on deaf ears. He wanted to get the bike going in a reasonable amount of time, so figuring my bike is still not done, he did not want to wait till December to finish his. I had to remind him, though my bike is almost finished, the first thing I did was strip and paint it. At least all the parts look great.
He said if he was going to keep her, he would consider buying her a new set clothes and putting some make up on her. But he is just looking to turn her around for a quick profit. So after we snugged everything up, added the proper amount of fluids, she started on the third kick. I love two strokes, they are easy to work on, and easy to trouble shoot.
Here are a couple of pics of Curly putting her through her paces. So after about a hour of running her up and down the street to make sure all systems were operating properly and to promote goodwill towards Curly’s neighbors, we figured we had the old girl pretty much sorted out. She ran like new, power wheelies in the first four gears, even with a couple of fat guys pouring the coals to her. I almost forgot how fast two stroke two fifties are, even twenty year old ones.

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