Saturday, July 12, 2008


AH, the exploded diagram, I would be nothing without it. I am in the group of individuals whose best teacher is that of experience. Or to actually watch something being done. Text books are, for me at least, the last method I resort to. Mainly because I normally have to read most things about three times before the procedure I am studying actually sticks in my brain.
Before recordable video mediums became affordable to the general public, all my mechanical skills were developed by taking things apart and not remembering the proper way they went back together. Even though I would bag and mark the different sections of the bike, mower,etc. etc. etc.
Thank God for the exploded diagram. Here I can see how the bag of parts I am holding in my hand go together in their proper order. I would not remember the twenty three step procedure to reassemble intake tract and therefore spend extra hours tracking down the errors of my ways. So while I'm still working on finishing the XT,I have a few odds and ends to finish up. I will get to it as my schedule allows.

Till Next Time...............Gymi

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