Sunday, July 20, 2008

If There is a Way

For me to take even longer finishing my bike, it would be helping a friend rebuild his new turd. This just happens to be the exact situation I am in right now. Obligations to others seem to have a profound impact on getting the projects I have sitting around done. They tend to stay sitting around even longer.
Curly, just recently acquired a 1987 YZ 250 from a mutual friend. It is in pretty rough shape by the looks of it, but turns over freely and seem to have good compression. All it probably needs to get it running is a good carb rebuild and cleaning. But there are other issues like the chain and sprockets have seen better days, and the plastics are in bad shape. The tires are also shot. This bike pretty much has been sitting around since 1995 so a tear down and complete going though is in order.
So I made Curly a deal he couldn't refuse, I would help him put a good coat of wax on his turd, if he would reciprocate in kind. My bike really does not have a whole lot left to do to finish, but sometimes a couple of friends working towards a common goal is the best way to get on the stick and get your projects completed.
So in addition to the completion of my bike, I will have another bike to work on and write about. We popped the top end off and things look pretty good so far, just take a few measurements and see where we stand.
Should be fun, stay tuned.

Till Next Time.........................................

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