Friday, April 23, 2010

That Should Be Good For at Least an Extra 20 MPH

While waiting for a snot rag of an XS to appear, I decided to throw a new set of bars and bar end mirrors on the '77. From what I hear, they add about twenty miles per hour to the top end. I'll leave you with the before and after.
While it may not go any faster, I kinda think she looks a bit more sporty.

Till Next Time..................


stuman714 in Indy said...

Sweet old XS. Looks like this one was WELL taken care of! I always loved the motors in these, and they made so many different models/variations over the years. And being an old flat track fan getting to see guys like Kenny Roberts, Hank Scott and Chuck Palmgren run these and be competitive in the day....well, let's just say I showing my age! HA!
Great stuff man, as always!


Gymi said...

I bought it from the second owner and he bought it from his cousin. He had owned it since 1981 and it has just over 6,000 original miles. That's why I decided to leave well enough alone and make a street tracker out of a beater instead.

I love flat track and would have loved to see see those guys run. Sadly I just the closest I got was reading about them.

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